Perform Critical Repairs

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"Rebuilding Together works to renovate an aging home with a new energy-efficient furnace, new insulation, and new energy-efficient appliances. Fresh carpets now cover the floors."

Provide Accessibility Modifications

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"Before construction of the ramp, McAtee virtually was trapped in his home, unable to run even simple errands without assistance. The new ramp has returned his independence."

Increase Energy Efficiency

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"Water in her laundry room leaked onto the pressboard floor, causing it to disintegrate. Wind and dirt invaded her house through a crack in the back door..."

A Safe and Healthy Home for Every Person.

Rebuilding Together's mission is to preserve and revitalize affordable housing, assuring that low income homeowners, from the elderly, the disabled, and families with children can live in warmth, safety and independence. In partnership with our communities, our goal is to make a sustainable impact by securing a safe and healthy home for every person.