Rebuilding Together :: Yellowstone County

We would like to thank HGTV and DIY Network for providing Rebuilding Together Yellowstone County with this video.

Our Focus

Rebuilding Together’s mission is to preserve and revitalize affordable housing and communities, assuring that low income homeowners, from the elderly, the disabled and families with children live in warmth, safety and independence. In partnership with our communities, our goal is to make a sustainable impact.

Our sponsors make it possible for these projects to be completed.

2009 Projects

  • A single mom with an 8 year old son living in a single bedroom home. The school counselor referred the mom to our program. The home was in very rough shape. The flooring was ruined, the plaster was falling off the walls, most of the windows broken and there was no sink in the bathroom. Rebuilding Together gutted the interior of the home down to the framing. The house has new wiring, plumbing, heating and another bedroom.
  • A single, disabled, father with an eleven year old daughter. The home needed new windows and painting. Rebuilding Together painted the exterior of the home and replaced all of the windows.
  • A married couple, in their 60’s. Both disabled and not able to make some much needed improvements to their home. Rebuilding Together painted the exterior, replaced all the windows and did some other minor home repairs.
  • An elderly couple in Laurel needed a new deck off their back door as the one they had was not safe and this was the door they used most often.

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Rebuilding Together is the nation’s largest volunteer organization
preserving and revitalizing low-income houses and communities.

If you would like to contact Rebuilding Together Yellowstone County, please call 406-698-7107,
or send an email to: info@rebuildingtogetheryellowstonecounty.org